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New Shooter Class

Every shooter who is new to action pistol shooting must complete a safety class and observe a match before shooting in an IDPA or USPSA match at AAFG for the first time.  The purpose of the class is to ensure that every shooter receives the same instruction regarding match procedures, range safety and IDPA range commands.  

We waive this requirement for shooters who are current members of IDPA and are classified Marksman or higher in any division, or shooters who are current members of USPSA and are classified 20% or higher in any division. Shooters with current classifications will be asked to arrive half an hour early to their first match to receive a range briefing from the match director.

All others, regardless of experience, background or skill level, must complete the safety class before shooting a match at AAFG. The class is run at least one Saturday every month, usually on the second Saturday. Contact the match director to sign up for the class.

Signing Up for Matches

We use Practiscore Match Management to enable shooters to self-register for our matches. Click here to view and sign up for upcoming matches at AAFG. Any match designated as Open is available for you to sign up. When you sign up you will receive an email thanking you for your interest and acknowleging your entry in the match. You will receive a second email when the match director has approved your entry, and that email will state that you are approved and on the roster for the upcoming match.

Our match director assigns shooters and safety officers to squads. If you want to be squadded with another shooter, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.

If you register for a match and later find that you cannot attend, please withdraw via Practiscore.

Shooters are approved for our matches in the following order:

  1. Match director and safety officers who work the match.
  2. AAFG club members.
  3. Shooters who are not members of AAFG.

At a typical match, about a dozen slots are assigned to the match director, safety officers and AAFG club members. The remaining slots go to non-members on a first-come, first-served basis. The only way to be certain of shooting in our matches is to join AAFG.

Match Logistics

All shooters are expected to arrive at our matches by 9:00 AM unless otherwise specified in the Practiscore match description.  Keep your firearms cased until the Match Director or a designated Safety Officer gives the safety briefing. We have one hour to conduct the safety briefing, set up the stages, and prepare ourselves to shoot. We start the match at 10 AM sharp.

All shooters are expected to arrive on time, help set up the match, take it down afterwards, and pick up brass before departing.

Reloaders may sort brass with their fellow brass vultures after all other clean up tasks are finished, and take home as much brass as they shot in the match.

We use Practiscore to score our matches, so results are available at the end of the match. We email results to all shooters in the match, and post them to Practiscore, and post links to the results on this site and social media. Click here to view results of recent AAFG matches. Results of matches from 2005-2015 are posted here.

The match fee is described in the match description, and is payable in cash only on the day of the match. We charge $10-$20 for AAFG members and $20-$30 for non-members, depending on the match format.

Social Media Source for Match Announcements and Other Information

If you would like to be notified of match announcements via email, consider joining the AAFGIDPA Announcement Group at Yahoo Groups. To do so, click on the link below, then click on the button that says "+ Join Group".  You may have to open a Yahoo account to join the group.  Please provide the following information in the comment field when you join the group:

  1. Your real name.
  2. Overall experience with firearms.
  3. Whether you are a member of Anne Arundel Fish and Game.
  4. Whether your first match with us will be your first IDPA, USPSA, or similar action pistol match.
  5. Whether you are an IDPA member, and if so, your IDPA number.

Click here to join the AAFGIDPA Announcement Group, and to view recent messages to the members of the group .

You should receive a confirmation email from Yahoo Groups within three days of submitting your request to join the group. If you do not, please contact our match director.